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Anuj Gupta still remembers the first time he discovered the spice shop at Reading Terminal Market. Tucked away on one of the outer aisles next to a staircase, Gupta was amazed to stumble upon The Head Nut and its shelves upon shelves stacked with an impressive selection of spices.

“Where did this spice shop come from?” he thought to himself.

The new general manager of Reading Terminal soon found out that the spice shop was a longtime vendor at the market for some 10 years.

Chances are the hundreds of people who visit Reading Terminal Market every day have found themselves in similar situations as Gupta–tourist or regular customer alike. The market’s layout is a simple square, but at 78,000 square feet, it easily feels like an endless maze of scents, sights, and sounds.

“It’s a sensory overload,” says Gupta, while noting that at the same time, it’s part of the market’s charm. “But I realized how little of the market’s story that we tell.”

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